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Welcome to Pielavesi!

Introducing municipality of Pielavesi

Pielavesi is located in Northern Savonia and has over 4,100 residents. Pielavesi is particularly suitable for those, who are seeking a peaceful and smooth everyday life. The place is surrounded by nature and it offers over 1,000 kilometers long coastline of serenity. With many diverse services, Pielavesi provides various opportunities for living, but also leisure time. The children can grow in a secure environment with access to high-quality early childhood education and the wonderful primary school and high school system.

Here is an introduction video of Pielavesi for you.

The services in Pielavesi operate well and there are different professional stores catering to residents’ many needs. When exploring the comprehensive business registry(opens in a new window, switching to another service), it reveals that you can find nearly all of the needed services for your daily life in the centre of Pielavesi. There are also numerous options for free-time activities, whether you prefer spending time alone in a cottage by the lake or wanting to engage in community activities at the community college.

Take into consideration exploring our wide range of courses offered by the community college(opens in a new window, switching to another service) and the sport options(opens in a new window) when deciding your free-time activities. A lot of listed activities are either free or very affordable for everyone.

Please find your way through the Pielavesi website from the selection above.

Enjoy your stay in Pielavesi, whether it is for a short stay or a long one!


Pielavesi has a lot to see and experience. Visit and see the various options for free-time activities, accommodations and sightseeing.

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