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Historic Säviä in Pielavesi gets a boost

The municipality of Pielavesi is preparing a development plan for the unique mill and dairy area at the junction of the Päijänne waterway and the Siilinjärvi-Viitasaari road (route 77). The plan will be developed together with residents, entrepreneurs and potential investors, and will be used to inform future planning and business development in the area. The master plan includes at least the use of the site, its key features, existing and potential new recreational routes and their location in the area.

On Tuesday 19.12.2023, the Provincial Government of Northern Savonia granted the project a total of 40 000 EUR in AKKE funding (supporting sustainable growth and vitality of regions). The total cost estimate of the project is 50 000 EUR. The municipality is currently looking for partners for the project. The project will be completed by the end of August 2024.

The master plan and the key concepts aim to

Potential development sectors include tourism i.e. accommodation, catering and event services, and fish processing and related businesses, but other suitable sectors may also be identified during the project.

Background information on the Säviä village

Business has been conducted in Säviä since at least 1917, when the dairy started operating there. Nowadays, the beautiful tile building serves as a reservation restaurant and offers accommodation services. The building next to the dairy has been used as a mill and shop since 1950 until 2022. In addition to the restaurant and accommodation services, the area is now home to a fish processing plant, a heating plant, commercial premises for a transport company and a sturdy boat and ship dock on the shore of lake Pielavesi.

Säviä is the village of active people. Every few days, ideas, innovation and team spirit culminate in a collective action. In celebration of Pielavesi 150 anniversary year (2023), the people of Säviä organized a Mother’s Day concert, an Open Villages event, a beach church and community art events. In the beginning of September last year (2023), the Night of Lights event was a good example of the villagers, who built their own street lights in the centre of Säviä, all by themselves and through voluntary work.

Säviä is located in the northern part of Päijänne. Further in the north, there is a guest marina in the centre of Pielavesi, which is about 5 kilometers away by waterways. Pielavesi has an extensive sand beach recreation area in Hirviniemi (10 kilometers), Tervo has nature and adventure destination Koskisydän (30 kilometers) and the possibility to continue by waterways even as far as Lahti. By car, Säviä can be reached via the Siilinjärvi-Viitasaari road (route 77).

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