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Early Childhood Care

Early childhood care promotes children’s overall growth, development and learning with the cooperation of guardians. Learned knowledge and skills from the early childhood care strengthen children’s participation. Daycare’s actions are goal-oriented and systematic.

Early childhood care improves equality and prevents social exclusion among children. In addition, early childhood care supports guardians when raising children and provides opportunities them to take part in the working life and studying.

In Pielavesi, early childhood care is arranged in municipality’s three different units. In addition, there are two private family daycare providers in the municipality, who together form a group family daycare service.

You can apply for a spot in the municipality’s early childhood care via eDaisy service. You can apply all year round when you need it. The organisation time is 2 weeks in case of a sudden employment or studies, otherwise it is 4 months. Parents who are unemployed job seekers, must also have a valid application for early childhood care.

You can make applications and changes related to early childhood care electronically in the eDaisy service:

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