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Promoting health and well-being

The promotion of health and well-being is part of Pielavesi municipality’s basic activities, which requires structures and resources. The well-being and health promotion of people are affected by many of the tasks performed by the municipality, and different sectors that carry out these tasks in their own implementations.

Personal exercise and nutritional counselling is indented for every Pielavesi municipality citizens, who do not exercise enough for their health and well-being or want to improve their eating habits. The aim is to have healthy lifestyle.

  • Is adding physical exercise to your every day life on your mind, but you do not know where to start?
  • What kind of exercise possibilities are there in your municipality?
  • Do you think about your eating, is it good quality enough or does it support your everyday activity?
  • Do you want more energy to your day?
  • Can sleep also be affected?

Let us reflect together about these subjects, you decide.

You can do it

Book a free appointment to the exercise and nutritional counselling or ask more information.

Nutrition portal – Vitality for senior years

The Finnish Food Authority maintains a nutrition portal where you can find reliable, recommendation-based nutrition information. The portal is aimed at the elderly residents of the municipality and for their relatives.

You can check out the nutrition portal on this website (it is still in Finnish):

You can find contact details below.

From the very beginning of 2023, the social and health services and rescue services in Northern Savonia is organized by the Wellbeing Services County of North Savo. You can find information about the region below.

Wellbeing Services County of North Savo

Phone exchange number, 017 173 311
General advice for families with children(opens in a new window, switching to another service) phone number, 017 2734300
Service guidance for working people(opens in a new window, switching to another service) phone number, 041 731 9600
Advice from the Age Centre(opens in a new window, switching to another service) phone number, 017 273 4100

You can use the eTerveyspalvelut (eHealth) portal to do business electronically. You can access the eTerveyspalvelut portal from the digital services button in the top menu of the Wellbeing Services County of North Savo Finnish website.

The environmental health and animal health services of the municipality of Pielavesi are organized in cooperation with other municipalities and the city of Suonenjoki. The municipalities are Tervo, Rautalampi, Vesanto and Keitele.

Environmental health includes aspects that are affected by environmental factors. Health hazards in the living environments are identified, prevented and eliminated in order to ensure a healthy living environment for everyone. Veterinary care also falls within the remit of environmental health.

You can find more information about environmental and animal health services, and all contact details of the services on the website of Tervo(opens in a new window, switching to another service). (In Finnish)

You can find contact details below.

Contact us

Exercise and nutritional counselling

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Environmental and animal health services

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