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Short Introductions on Annual Events

In Pielavesi, events happen all year round! The municipality, organizations and associations organize various engaging events that welcome citizens of Pielavesi and visitors from outside the municipality.

Please visit also the event calendar(opens in a new window) of the municipality, where every event organizer can add their event information in detail.

From below, you can read the short introductions to some of the events organized annually.

Vendace Festival (Muikkuvestivaalit)

The Vendace Festival aka “Muikkarit”, is a free family-friendly market event held annually on the Saturday of the last weekend in June. The Vendace Festival is located in the centre of Pielavesi, and its program takes place in the town square and in the local environment. During the performances at the town square, you can wander around the market to check out the various stalls and local businesses. There are lots of fun things for children to do in the children’s area and Opinportti courtyard traditionally has a great number of old vehicles with live music playing in the background. The Vendace Festival ends at nightfall with a performance by a different artist or band each year. Below you can find a picture of the area and parking spaces of the Vendace Festival.

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Children’s track and field competitions

The track and field competitions are held in the summer at the Pielavesi sports field in Suojala. The children compete against each other in the track and field sports. Everyone attended in the competitions are awarded with medals. The competitions have a free entry, but you must register at least 30 minutes before the start of the competitions. The track and field competitions are announced in the municipal event calendar.

Skiing competitions

During winters, children and adults will be able to compete against each other on the ski tracks in ski races. During the winter, Pielavesi will host the Ski Cup, which consists of three partial races. The competitions are held in different categories. Everyone attended in the competitions are awarded with medals and the best in each categories will be awarded with trophies. The competitions have a free entry, but you must register at least 30 minutes before the start of the competitions. The event has a cold limit of -15 degrees Celsius. The skiing competitions are announced in the municipal event calendar.

High school ballroom dances

The ballroom dances is an event held every two years, where the first and second year students of the Pielavesi high school dance. The dancers perform classic and traditional dances familiar from the old dances (Vanhojentanssit). The dances are organized at the Opinportti and dance shows are organized for school students, invited guests and the general public, meaning that anyone interested can go to watch the ballroom dances.


Penkkarit is an event in which the oldest students of Pielavesi high school are carried to the reading break. Students leaving the high school traditionally celebrate the start of the reading break by driving around the centre of Pielavesi on the back of a truck and throwing candy to the spectators. Penkkarit is organized in the courtyard of Opinportti around mid-February. The event has a free entry and anyone can go to watch the students. From year to year, the costumes of the students change with the most interesting characters, who are well-known among the people.

Farmers’ market of Northern Pielavesi

The farmers’ market of Northern Pielavesi is organized annually in July and is open for all ages. The market is held at the school of Northern Pielavesi in Vaaraslahti. At the farmers’ market you can experience the traditional market atmosphere. The event features for example market vendors, a retro class photo exhibition, paintings, horse leash rides, old Zetors, fun competitions and a performer. The event has a free entry. The market is organized by the Pohjois-Pielaveden Kylät ry.

Children’s festival

The children’s festival is held annually in May in the sports hall. The festival is for families with children under school ages and primary school ages. The event has many activities and performers and other interesting things to see for the whole family.

Tuuren Sottiisi

Tuuren Sottiisi is an annual music event in Pielavesi. The event has been organized since 1978 and it celebrates the memory and the playing tradition of the champion player Tuure Niskanen. Tuuren Sottiisi traditionally includes an evening concert in the Laukkala church, followed by a Pelimanni evening at the Laukkala youth centre.

Spring exhibition of community college

The spring exhibition of the community college is organized annually in April-May in the Opinportti. The spring exhibition features the works made during the academic year at the community college.


Seniorimeininki is an annual event for older people in October. Seniorimeininki is part of the main event of the national week for older people in Pielavesi. The event is organized in the sports hall and the visitors have access to get to know different product demonstrations and participate in a wide range of activity points. The event ends with dancing.

Event Calendar

You can find Pielavesi event calendar in the link below. There you can find better information about the specific dates of the annual events that are held at different times of the year, and other special events taking place in Pielavesi.