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Employment Services

The employment services offer guidance and counselling services to its residents and immigrants living in the region of municipality of Pielavesi.

We do close collaboration with authorities, the general services of the municipality and our wide network of partners.

The aim of employment services for immigrants is to ensure that each immigrant is provided with integration services alongside statutory services.

More information about the immigration services can be found here:

Employment support services

The aim of employment support services is to promote employment, training, rehabilitation or if necessary, retirement planning. Employment services are provided in collaboration with the various public authorities such as TE-office. There are also many job search channels which you can get familiar through your booked appointment.

Vocational and higher education institutions in the region

Digital advice for the customers of employment service

Do you have problems with your computer, phone or iPad? Do you need help with preparing official documents and sending them securely?

Read more about the digital advice!

Digital Advice

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Työllisyyspalvelut ja kotouttamispalvelut

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For unemployed

Are you a new job seeker? Register as a job seeker on your first day of unemployment at the latest for your unemployment benefit.

For guidance on the obligation to apply for a job.