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Welcome to Pielavesi!

In Northern Savonia, the municipality of Pielavesi, with it’s 4,100 residents, is particularly suitable for those seeking a peaceful and smooth everyday life. Surrounded by nature and offering over 1,000 kilometers of tranquil coastline, along with diverse services, it provides various opportunities for living and leisure. In Pielavesi the children can grow in a secure environment with access to high-quality early childhood education.

The services in Pielavesi function well, and there are specialty stores catering to various needs. Exploring the comprehensive business registry(opens in a new window, switching to another service) reveals that you can find nearly all the services you need for your daily life locally from Pielavesi. There are also numerous options for leisure activities in Pielavesi, whether you prefer spending time alone in a cottage by the lake or engaging in community activities at the adult education centre.

Consider exploring the wide range of courses offered by the adult education centre(opens in a new window, switching to another service), the list of various associations(opens in a new window), and sports facilities(opens in a new window) when deciding on your leisure activities. Many recreational activities are either free or very affordable.

Welcome to Pielavesi, whether for a short or long stay!

Acquiring a owned or a rented home

Here, you have the opportunity to establish a home by the lake, acquire a cottage by a fishing-friendly waterbody for leisure, and find townhouse and apartment views with lake landscapes. There are also plenty of options for living on dry land.

You can also fall in love with the way of life in Pielavesi through rental housing. Kiinteistö Oy Pielaveden Vuokratalot and private landlords offer affordable and secure apartments for various life situations.

Early childhood education, basic education and high school

Early childhood education in Pielavesi is provided in three different early childhood education units, and there are also private providers of early childhood education services.

For more information on early childhood education services, you can visit our website (in Finnish)(opens in a new window).

In Pielavesi, basic education is provided in four schools. If you are moving to Pielavesi and need to enroll your child to school, contact school office(opens in a new window) for more information.

The high school of Pielavesi “Pielaveden lukio”, established in 1954, is a comprehensive secondary school. As a small school, its strengths lie in strong community spirit and student-centered activities. The focus on students and everyday interactions are evident in the school’s camaraderie, good learning outcomes, and success in further studies.

To learn more about Pielaveden lukio, visit our website (in Finnish).(opens in a new window)

Services for immigrants

It is important for the municipality of Pielavesi that immigrants feel welcome and that settling into the new environment is as smooth as possible.

Pielavesi procures migration services from the city of Iisalmi(opens in a new window, switching to another service) for immigrants who have arrived within the past year for reasons such as work, study, or family reunification. These services assist with issues like permits, employment, and provide support and service guidance.

For matters related to settling in Pielavesi, immigrants are served in employment services(opens in a new window), receiving guidance and advice on various aspects of daily life, working closely with different collaborative partners.