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Living, Construction and Environment


Living page includes information on matters of boating and boat spots, water utility and payments, rental homes from Pielavesi and outdoor carpet cleaning place.

Living page


Construction page has information about building supervision, zoning and properties in Pielavesi. If you are interested to see more, go and visit the page from the link.

Construction page


From environment page, you can find and read information about energy advice, environmental protection services, climate work, private roads and road networks and waste management.

Environment page

Are you planning to convert your holiday home into a permanent residence?

You can change the use of your holiday home into a permanent residence under certain conditions. You can start changing the use of a building by first contacting the municipality’s building supervision department.

If you are interested, ask more information from Kokkonen Janne.

Map Service

The Pielavesi Map Service contains map and spatial data sets for the whole municipality. From the map service, you can print maps, make trip measurements and map links and embeds on your own site.

You can also use the map service to view street addresses, properties, patterns, vacant house plots, sports facilities, sites of Finnish National Board of Antiquities and environmental areas.

Map Service

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