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Immigration Services

The municipalities of Northern Savonia have common immigrant and refugee unit, which organizes reception and integration services for refugees as well as for people who have moved for work, family reasons or studies. There is cooperation with public authorities, educational institutions and organizations.

The aim of immigrant integration is to enable immigrants to participate in the Finnish society like the other residents here in Finland. Leaning the Finnish language is the most important factor in integration. The TE Office plays a large role in arranging integration in Iisalmi. Organizations and congregations are also actively supporting the integration of immigrants.

Integration in Iisalmi is described in more detail in the joint integration program of the municipalities of Upper Savonia.

The municipality of Pielavesi purchases internationalization and immigration services from the city Iisalmi.

For matters relating integration, you can contact the office of Immigration and Refugee services. The unit will help for example in licensing and employment matters and provides support and service guidance.

Guidance and advice for integration, health and social services, living, studying and work related questions are offered for immigrants. The advisors tell what kind of services are available, how to apply for them and what is required to use them. They guide immigrants to all the services they need.

Immigrants can get counselling by phone or going to the service office. The advisors do not make any decisions related to the services.

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