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Special Early Childhood Care

Early childhood care supports the child’s development and learning according to the child’s needs. It is important for the child that there is a coherent continuum of support during early childhood care and when the child starts the preschool education.

Sufficient early and well-targeted support can contribute to a child’s development, learning and well-being. At the same time, it can prevent children from developing, growing up and becoming more complex.

Support is based on the child’s strengths and learning and developmental related needs. Support for development and learning is built on meeting the child’s individual needs and on community and learning environment solutions.

Cooperation with the child, the guardian, the early childhood care teacher and other staff, is important when identifying the child’s need for support and in planning and implementing that support.

Child development and learning support is organized as a part of the daily activities of the early childhood care. This support is provided primarily through a variety of flexible arrangements in the child’s own daycare group or in the group family daycare group. In the child’s best interest, the support can also be provided partly or fully in a special group.

The early childhood care in Pielavesi has its own small group for organizing support for development and learning. The aim of the small group is to provide special support for children who need it. The group uses a variety of tools, including supportive sign and picture communication. The small group works closely with therapists and the child health clinic when necessary.