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Art walk

The Art Walk is about 3,4 kilometers long trail in the centre of Pielavesi. Along the trail, there are 25 pieces of nature art and the electrical cabinet art.

The Art Walk was carried out as part of the Village Roads Art Museum project(opens in a new window, switching to another service).

You can download the map for the Art Walk below.

Garden of Lehtoniemi

Lehtoniemi is a private garden and a home in the village of Saarela, which is located in Northern Pielavesi. Since 2016, the garden has been built in a functionalism-villa courtyard designed by an architecture Martti Välikankaa in 1950s.

Please stop by to admire the flowers of the garden, to our events, lunchtime, enjoy the heat of our lakeside sauna and home concerts such as opera and jazz. Or come and try our workshops in areas of for example canning food, hand crafts and community services in the garden, forest and fields.

Attention caravaners! You can find us via the app: (opens in a new window, switching to another service)

We serve groups according to a reserved contract. We also use English, Swedish, German, Estonian and some Russian and Italian.

You can find more information about the garden on this website:


Hirviniemi is a beach in Pielavesi. It is about 34 kilometers by a car from the centre of Pielavesi to Tervo.

Hirviniemi has three different beaches. You can arrive to the location by a car and then by foot or by a boat. The main beach area has a volleyball field and a fireplace with a roof. Near the fireplace, there are trash cans and an outhouse.

Address: 72510 Hirviniemi

Attention boaters! You can find information about the routes and docks to Hirviniemi here:

Savon Blackriver, Lampaanjoki

The Blackriver is known for its fishing attraction. The Brown trout, Grayling and Rainbow trout are most common fishes in the river. The area has also two lovely campfire sites, where you can lower your boat or canoe into the river.

You can ask more information from the river host:

Heikki Partanen, phone number 040 0378829

You can find more information about the license prices and license payments on the website of Pielavesi-Nilakka Kalatalousalue, Lampaanjoki:


Löytynlohi is a destination for the whole family, where you can fish without worries. The place is along the road 77, 15 kilometers from Pielavesi to Kuopio. The place has a fish processing service, cafe and kiosk.

Address: Löytynmyllyntie 270, 71775 Pielavesi