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Hunting and Fishing

Rental of hunting rights

The municipality of Pielavesi leases hunting rights to hunting association on the forest holdings owned by them. The contracts are formulated for five years at a time and it concerns the hunting of elks and large carnivores. For small game, no contracts are made and municipal citizens have the right to hunt small game on the municipal lands.

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Fishing areas and licenses

All 18-64-year olds, who fish for any other purpose than ice fishing or angling, must pay an annual state fishing fee. The license entitles you to fish with one fishing rod and lure in almost all areas of Finland.

If you fish with more than one fishing rod, you need a permit from the fishing area concerned.

The permits for Pielavesi and Nilakka fishing areas can be purchased from Neste Pielavesi (phone number: 040 8644788).

You can find more information on the management fee and fishing permits and how to pay them on the following links:

Rapids and riverside fishing sites

You can ask more information from Heikki Partanen, phone number: 040 0378829

For more information on permit prices and how to pay, see the Pielavesi-Nilakka Kalatalousalue website: