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Daycare Vekaravaara is a small homey unit, which was established in 2017. The daycare is located near nature within the school of Northern Pielavesi about 17 kilometers from the centre of Pielavesi. Values that guide the actions of Vekaravaara are caring, safety, equality and gratitude.

Communality is one of the working principles in Vekaravaara. Our work is based on child-oriented thinking and collaborative raising, where the child’s guardian and the staff of the daycare commit to work together in the best interests of the child. In our operation, we highlight positive pedagogics and strength of everyone. As a small unit, Vekaravaara operation can be easily modified to the age and development level of the child, and to the personal needs for each operation season. Every child and adult know each other, and siblings have opportunity to be close to each other.

The beautiful and diverse nature surrounding the daycare creates many possibilities to implement high-quality early childhood education throughout the year. The possibilities given by nature, such as building huts in the forest, adventuring, crafting with natural materials and examining the nature cycle according to the seasons, are at the heart of our activities.

Our location within the school creates us good collaboration opportunities with the school. We have also access to the schoolyard, ice hockey rink, a ski track and the gymnasium for a variety of activities. The joy of moving and doing things are our most important principles.

The daycare is open on weekdays according to the needs of early childhood education of the child. When Vekaravaara is closed, daycare Tarulinna operates as an emergency daycare centre and offers evening and weekend care.

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