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Nature and Outdoor Routes

Municipality of Pielavesi maintains three nature and outdoor routes: the trail of Urkki, the coastal path and the bench walk.

Trail of Urkki (Urkin poloku)

The trail of Urkki starts from the side of Lepikon Torppa (Urho Kekkosentie 121) and ends to Korkeakoski. The trail is about 25 kilometers long and alongside of it there are few resting areas, which contain campfire sites and swimming possibilities. Some resting areas are suitable for spending the night as well. You can download the map in Finnish below.

Coastal path (Rantapolku)

The coastal path circulates around the coastline of centre Pielavesi, which is well lit for the dark hours. The coastal path reaches from Lepikon Torppa to cape of Sammalinen. The route is about 7,5 kilometers long for one direction. The coastal path fits for everyone from joggers to cyclists.

Bench walk (Penkkilenkki)

The bench walk consists of 35 benches with backrests, which are located about 250 meters of distance from each other. They are still visible from each benches point of view. The route has 4 map spots, which point out the whole bench walk route. The bench walk circulates in the beautiful coastal path from the local history museum to Pielakoti and through the centre of Pielavesi. This route is about 7 kilometers long.

All in all 13 benches present information about the local history. From those benches, you can find QR-codes that show you not only old but new pictures and stories that you can listen and read. On the other hand, the route’s information boards have exercise cards, which show 13 diverse exercise movements by pictures and words. All those movements make use of the benches. They are also designed for different age groups.

Sledging routes

Here are the links to the sledging routes in the Pielavesi region. You can change the language of the website from the top left corner.

Sledging route Pielavesi-Jylänki: in a new window, switching to another service)

Sledging route Vuorikylä-Pielavesi: in a new window, switching to another service)

Maps (in Finnish)

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