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Säviä Master Plan

The rugged settings of a mill, dairy, canal, and lakeside area in Northern Savo beckon for entrepreneurial ventures.

Unique opportunities await in the fields of brewing, restaurants, boutique hostels, spas, saunas, fishing, and outdoor activities – all alongside existing businesses.

During further planning, you can rely on support from the municipality of Pielavesi, Development Company SavoGrow, an entrepreneur association, and active villagers.

Säviä Master Plan

Säviä Master Planin was released on May 22, 2024.
You can explore the Säviä master plan concept book from the file below.

Säviä is located in the northern parts of the Päijänne watershed. North of Säviä, there is the guest marina in the center of Pielavesi, about 5 km away by water. In the south, there’s a large sandy recreational area called Hirviniemi (10 km away), a nature and adventure attraction in Tervo (30 km), and the possibility to continue by water all the way to Lahti. By road, Säviä is accessible via the national route 77, connecting Siilinjärvi and Viitasaari.

Säviä is a village of active people. Ideas, innovations, and a sense of community regularly transform into joint activities. Last year, the people of Säviä organized a Mother’s Day concert, an Open Village event, a lakeside church service, and community art events. The “Evening of Lights,” held in early September, is a great example of the villagers’ spirit—they built their own streetlights in the village center through a collective effort and community work.

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The Säviä master plan is part of the ‘Development and Business Opportunities in the Säviä Area’ project, which has received AKKE funding from the Council of North Savo.