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High school in Pielavesi

High school in Pielavesi is a general high school that started in 1954 and has currently 66 students. For a small high school, its strengths are strong sense of community and student based operation. The strong attention to students and the everyday encounter with them are reflected in the school’s community spirit, great learning outcomes and the access to further studies.


In addition to general education, high school of Pielavesi offers versatile activities for their students. The students get to actively plan and organize different kind of events in student council and within the study modules. Students’ active hobbies are supported through the study modules, sports academy and community college’s courses. International activities and collaboration between foreign educational institutions have been a key element of Pielavesi high school activities for decades. The students get to travel, know and work with different nationalities and cultures.

In addition to the values already mentioned, the core values of the municipality of Pielavesi and its high school are positivity, courage and entrepreneurial spirit. We support students’ personal needs in their studies and we create the best way for the students to study to meet their goals. Our high school does broad and persistent collaboration with local entrepreneurs and other educational institutions. This is how we introduce students to the working life, diverse ways of studying and many possibilities for further studies after high school.

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