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Rental Home from Pielavesi

We offer you reasonable priced and safe homes for every life situations. All our rentals are ARA-rental-apartments.

They are for families, people living alone, seniors, people moving into their first homes and people looking to live together. Our rental apartments fit well enough for employment housing for those in temporary employment. Rental sites include apartments from row houses and apartment buildings. The apartments are located close to the centre of Pielavesi where you have the everyday services near you. KAISAnet 100M/10Mbit/s broadband connection is included in the rent of all the apartments.

Contact us by e-mail or calling if you want more information and/or you are interested in renting a place in Pielavesi. We can help you to investigate the rental sites and assist you in filling your housing application.

You can also fill in the online housing application, which is in Finnish.

Contact us

Anttonen Laura

Kiinteistö Oy Pielaveden vuokratalot, isännöitsijä

040 489 4201

Kiinteistö Oy Pielaveden Vuokratalot


040 595 7767