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Indoor gym

he gym is located at the sports hall (address: Puistotie 7). The gym has many gym equipment and weights.

The gym key costs 50 euros and it is personal. The key can be claimed at the library of Pielavesi during the service hours, not during self-service hours. The key is a property of the gym user and the key price is not returned to the customer. You can return the key to the library if you wish.

Public gym shifts are reserved for the gym card owners and is free for their use, however other reserved shifts must be respected.

On weekdays the gym is closed 6.30 – 7.30 o’clock due to cleaning.

The gym is used by schools between 8.00 – 15.00 o’clock, then they are the priority.

The gym is accessible with the key every day between 5.00 – 22.30 o’clock.

You can check the reservation situation on a booking system Julius:

Virtual gym

The Pielavesi sports hall (address: Puistotie 7) has a virtual gym, where you can work out by with virtual guidance. The gym can be booked for one or two people at a time. If you work out with a friend, both of you must log in with your own gym key. There are session choices of for instance spinning, dance class, HIIT, kettlebell, body work and RVP. There is one spinning bike in the room, but there are several other equipment.

The virtual gym is accessible with a gym card. The gym card can be claimed at the Pielavesi library during the service hours.

The virtual gym is open 5.00 – 22.30 o’clock.

You can reserve a shift from the booking system Julius:

Instructions: Press the desired time to book a shift. In the booking info you will find instructions on how to make a booking. Add your booking details. Check the shift that the date and the starting and ending times match. Press “+more” and the system will show you if the time can be booked. Then press save booking.

Please be kind to follow the gym rules:

Outdoor gym

The outdoor gym is located in the backyard of Opinportti (address: Koulutie 3). You can find 9 devices such as a leg press, a chest device and a back device, and other things such as larger tractor wheels, ropes and jumping platforms. The outdoor gym is a great place to get full-body workout.

Bowling hall

The bowling hall is upheld by an entrepreneur in Pielavesi. The address is: Laaksotie 30. There are 6 bowling lines with children’s brims, glowing equipment and an automatic scoring system.

Find more information from:

Sports hall

The address for the sports hall is: Puistotie 7. The sports hall can be used for playing for example volleyball, floorball, badminton, basketball and futsal.

The sports hall can reserved entirely or just a part of it.

You can check the reservation situation on the booking system Julius:

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